Aaron & Andrea Lee-Zucker are both deeply dedicated to self-work and helping others access their own regenerative energy. Aaron is the Founder & CEO of collab.health where he’s into biohacking & coaching. Andrea is a coach, artist, activist, and impact investor on a journey to live with love and creativity in every layer of life. Between their many shared projects and individual endeavors, Aaron & Andrea illustrate their own capacity to drop into the invisible world to manifest a balanced, optimal life experience and invite us to do the same!


In this episode, Andrea & Aaron talk about:

  • Their serendipitous meeting at a conference in DC [3:12]
  • The impact magic the two are creating as individuals and as a couple [8:47]
  • The importance of having a mission higher than your organization [16:50]
  • Their different approaches to coaching and why both are effective [24:40]
  • Implementing regenerative structures within oneself [36:20]
  • The recognition of death as a tool to cut through the ego [49:53]

Resource Links

  • NEXUS Uniting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising global solutions of our generation
  • Andrea Lee-Zucker: coach, art, activism
  • Collab.health Precision health optimization focused on lifespan, healthspan & performance

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