Bec & Adam Milgrom, Co-Founders of Tripple Ventures, talk all about sibling dynamics in the workspace and how their shared goals in impact amplify their familial relationships. Adam & Bec tell us about the immense feelings of responsibility, urgency, uncomfortableness and simultaneous joy in their roles of guiding capital.  By deploying all the tools in their boxes, Adam & Bec take very practical yet immediate action to solve the most urgent issues we face today. They remind us that we don’t have to have all of the answers to start making a difference.


In this episode, Bec & Adam talk about: 

  • The how’s & why’s of working with your siblings [3:13]
  • Their unique team decision-making processes [7:57]
  • Bringing their parents along on the journey [14:20]
  • Urgency as a point of tension [21:37]
  • Using all their resources far beyond money [25:57]
  • The uncomfortable as hard & worthy [28:40]
  • Movement on the path is better than no movement at all [34:35]

Resource Links

  • Tripple Ventures The Milgrom’s private investment company using capital as a force for good
  • Toniic a global community of asset owners seeking deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital

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