Amy Novogratz is the Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Aqua Spark, a global investment fund focus on improving the aquaculture industry. Amy brings almost two decades of experience in fostering collaborative solutions to some of the world’s big challenges.



    • Why the ocean & the urgency [2:40]
    • Digging deeper into aquaculture to find an industry in need of transformation at all levels [7:00]
    • What investing in aquaculture looks like from disease management to feed to technology [9:23]
    • Utilizing data to transform the industry where little to no data existed before [12:25]
    • The food chain: what are you eating when you eat farmed fish [17:02]
    • Limited benchmarks in understanding the relationship between climate change and aquaculture [22:50]
    • Bridging the gap of “disconnect” with the ocean [29:21]


  • Aqua Spark developing an optimal aquaculture food system by investing in companies all along the aquaculture value chain working to solve industry challenges
  • eFishery an aquaculture intelligence company

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