Aunnie Patton Power is the founder of Intelligent Impact. Aunnie is a reformed investment banker whose work is now solely focused on impact as academic, an author, an advisor and an angel investor. In this episode, Aunnie talks about transitioning to and building a life close to impact in South Africa. She shares her insights into what’s holding us back and how we might actualize our goals of revolutionizing the impact space. Aunnie has a unique and successful approach that’s highlighted in her first book called Adventure Finance.


In this episode, Aunnie talks about:

  • Building a life that’s close to impact in South Africa [2:03]
  • Uncovering what the impact space needs and what skills she has to fill the gaps [13:15]
  • How proven strategies are often overlooked but have a place in the impact space [20:16]
  • Changing the rules and pushing the boundaries [27:24]
  • Integrating her identity as a new mother into her passion for impact [46:20]

Resource Links

  • Intelligent Impact: A finance advisory firm using innovative structures to create better options for early stage funding and better integration of impact priorities
  • Adventure Finance: Aunnie’s first book released in 2021 on shifting the conversation about startup funding to help founders and funders widen the spectrum of “mainstream” investment options
  • Impact Finance Pro: A Global Talent Platform Created By and For Impact Finance Professionals

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