About Poetry of Impact

Poetry of Impact is a global community of individuals and families who are committed to using wealth to fuel generational wellness.

Together, we experiment with the eternal question of “How do we practice well-being as wealth stewards?”

As Poetry of Impact has unfolded over the last several years, what’s most alive in our conversations are not just financial projections and impact outcomes. But, the excitement in our voices pours out when we start talking about things like nutrition, meditation, sleep, and even ice baths, intermittent fasting, and forest bathing. So many of us are experimenting with how we design our day-to-day lives to feel our best: energized, grounded, and connected to the natural world.

What’s been missing, though, is a space where we can gather those diverse conversations together so individuals and families can leverage the wisdom of the collective. That’s what Poetry of Impact offers. The peace that comes from knowing we’re not alone on this journey of regenerative well-being. A place to deepen our wellbeing practices, forge relationships among peers, and cultivate ongoing discovery around how we practice well-being as wealth stewards.

Poetry of Impact offers an opportunity to live in parallel with individuals and families — near and far — who are called to use their resources to design a lifestyle centered around profound well-being — now and for future generations.

Meet Gino Borges, Ph.D

Curator of Poetry of Impact

Only recently in my life have I realized where my journey was meant to lead: becoming attuned to natural rhythms. It took a long time to gain this awareness—a period of  physical, mental, and spiritual symptoms of asymmetry.

All my life, I’d had an interest in how money worked. So, it made perfect sense to take the path I took:  a finance degree, then a  first job at a financial services company. Problem was….within months, I found myself falling asleep at the keyboard!

What was wrong? A simple matter of soul misalignment. Which, of course, my boss diagnosed in much less elegant language when he came upon me dead asleep at my computer, tapped me on the shoulder, and gently said, “Gino, this isn’t going to work for you.”

He was so right. But, then, what was going to work for me?  Read Gino’s Full Bio Here >>>

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