About Poetry of Impact

  In the early days of my finance career, I was falling asleep at my desk…literally. I knew I wanted to work with money, but there was a mental and physical disconnect in the way, a very real feeling of dis-integration. However, now, still a mediator of money, I also find myself leading songs and sharing stories from the heart at conferences and gatherings. What has made the difference?


For me, moving into the impact space has been propelled by those who came before me — those folks out there pushing and changing boundaries, renaming categories, and imagining the highest potentials of money. It’s their stories that summoned me to the impact space and led me to realize that the experience of money can be vastly different from what we’ve ever had before, once we invite our multidimensional selves to participate.  

– Gino Borges, Ph.D.

Poetry of Impact is an invitation to impact-inspired investors, founders, authors and artists to figuratively strip off the suit and tie and change into our jeans…to, together, explore eternal topics often considered irrelevant or off-limits in “money” conversations: essence, loss, love, nature, and embodiment, just to name a few. Poetry of Impact is a discovery process in which we come to better understand the archetypal trends and patterns that we, as a collective impact space, carry forward. Our stories work best together, rather than in isolated frames, to move our mission forward and to offer insight into the evolution of the impact space, illuminating a deep sense of alchemy and — above all — heart.

Meet Gino Borges, Ph.D

Curator of Poetry of Impact

Only recently in my life have I realized where my journey was meant to lead: becoming attuned to natural rhythms. It took a long time to gain this awareness—a period of  physical, mental, and spiritual symptoms of asymmetry.

All my life, I’d had an interest in how money worked. So, it made perfect sense to take the path I took:  a finance degree, then a  first job at a financial services company. Problem was….within months, I found myself falling asleep at the keyboard!

What was wrong? A simple matter of soul misalignment. Which, of course, my boss diagnosed in much less elegant language when he came upon me dead asleep at my computer, tapped me on the shoulder, and gently said, “Gino, this isn’t going to work for you.”

He was so right. But, then, what was going to work for me?  Read Gino’s Full Bio Here >>>

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