Ariel & Birju

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Ariel Nessel & Birju Pandya are part of the team behind Mobius, a capital allocation office using an integrated capital approach to develop multiple forms of wealth focused on redeveloping habitable spaces, abating suffering, and inclining well-being.  Ariel is the co-founder of, an NGO which seeks to create the causes and conditions for a 50% reduction in global industrialized meat production by 2040 and founder of the Pollination Project. Birju is the Chief Mindfulness Officer at Mobius since 2014. Key areas of Birju’s interest currently include inner transformation, psycho-spiritual work, and deep adaptation & resilience.

In this episode, Ariel & Birju engage us with stories of inviting others to the benefits of living generously.  The two are eager to move beyond transactionalism and integrate multiple forms of capital – not just money, but social, spiritual, and cultural capital. Ariel & Birju discuss the need to be creative about solutions that address pain & suffering in today’s world by designing integrative opportunities for people to grow in compassion and wisdom.

“What good is impact if the foundation upon which the impact is created is financialization – when what we’re doing underneath that is depleting our natural stores of wealth, our non-financial source of wealth.” – Birju Pandya


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