Brent Kessel, co-founder and CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners, explores his motivation for excess and his quest for the origins of the desire for more. Brent details his personal, never-ending journey towards enough – enough capital, enough time, enough work, enough energy. He openly shares his somatic experiences of attachment, loss, and aging, feeling into the truth of his own impermanence. Brent encourages humble curiosity around the myth of scarcity.


In this episode, Brent talks about: 

  • The origins of his quest for enoughness [4:30]
  • His present inquiry into enough “time” [5:53]
  • Leveling off his consumption and quantifying the surplus to be used for the benefit of others [8:23]
  • Feeling older than expected and the implications of pushing too hard [11:00]
  • Processing the loss of his father and a shifting perspective of time [15:50]
  • How no amount of money can bring permanent security [22:22]
  • Imbibing the truth of impermanence [23:41]
  • The role of vulnerability in building trust [30:00]
  • Heeding a friend’s advice to never resist a generous impulse [39:10]

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