Bruce Friedrich is the founder and CEO of the Good Food Institute (GFI). As a child, he became profoundly aware of the poverty and starvation of others and was compelled to do something about it. He explains how this led him to found GFI to address global poverty and challenge the industrialized food system. GFI does this while also supporting a work culture that promotes vocational self-actualization and avoids burnout. This conversation highlights Bruce’s belief that making animal products without animals (plant-based and cellular agriculture) can do a huge amount to prevent climate change, preserve biodiversity, and mitigate existential risks.


In this episode, Bruce talks about:

  • What inspired him to tackle global poverty and take on the industrialized food system [02:31]
  • The global food system and how it entrenches poverty [04:56]
  • How he communicates this message to others through the GFI [10:27]
  • The inspiring level of growth in GFI [21:33]
  • His relationship with food and nature and how this is impacted by his religion [23:23]
  • Meditation and why he encourages it among his employees. [25:41]
  • How he supports vocational self-actualization at GFI [27:11]

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