Chintan Panchal is a Founding Partner of RPCK, a global boutique law firm that integrates the foundations of impact into its practice. In this episode, Chintan talks about a third-dimension of resources that extends beyond time and money – life energy.  He questions how we can harness and apply our life energy in intentional ways through passion and purpose.  Chintan grounds his work by staying close to the qualitative effects on those around him and finds his life energy is regenerative when involved in meaningful enterprises.


In this episode, Chintan talks about:

  • Measuring success via our quality of life & life energy [1:58]
  • The various hats he wears in his professional life [7:07]
  • Intentionally designing outcomes for the future [12:29]
  • Engaging in projects that feed the soul [18:50]
  • His purpose and personal motives [19:50]
  • How meaning can regenerate our life energy [43:22]

Resource Links

  • RPCK an international boutique law firm focused on providing highly-tailored and innovative solutions to investors, entrepreneurs and growth enterprises around the world

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