Elizabeth Funk is the co-founder and CEO of Dignity Moves, an organization tackling the issue of homelessness. In this episode, Elizabeth shares her experiences from the early days of the internet at Yahoo, her motivation to use her entrepreneurial spirit for philanthropy, and her current passion project of ending homelessness. The conversation highlights Elizabeth’s knowledge and approach to impact investing, her belief in the power of capitalism to solve problems at scale, and how she navigates the ethics of all this.


In this episode, Elizabeth talks about:

  • Her background in tech and the early days at Yahoo [00:02:38]
  • What inspired her big shift into the microfinance space [00:12:44]
  • The formation and the evolution of the Dignity Fund [00:16:09]
  • Her research into homelessness and how this led to her “Aha!” moment [00:20:26]
  • How she developed the Dignity Moves prototype and how it works [00:26:24]
  • The success of this project, how it’s spreading to other cities, and its open-source approach [00:34:53]
  • Hurdles to scaling and how to bring in private sector funding [00:37:06]

Resource Links

  • DignityMoves works to end unsheltered homelessness in communities by building Interim Supportive Housing as a rapid, cost-effective, and thus, scalable solution.
  • Toniic – A global action community for impact

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