Eliot Kotek and Jared Ruga are award-winning filmmakers who believe that media has the power to shift our perspective and behaviors in positive ways. Eliot is the Founder and CEO of The Nation of Artists, a production company and creative partner with social impact at its core, and Jared is the Founder and CEO of the socially conscious, ethos-driven media production house, Vavani Productions. They both know first-hand that filmmaking can be a powerful culture-building tool that amplifies voices and leverages storytelling for a cause. In this episode, we discuss the evolving role of media, from the digital renaissance of streaming to the disruptive influence of AI on content creation and consumption. We delve into the interplay between commercialism and philosophy in media and how content can change forms without losing its depth or impact. For content creators navigating the complexities of media consumption, this inspiring conversation offers practical insights and thought-provoking questions to ask yourself about the purpose and ethical dimensions of media, so be sure to tune in today!

In this episode, Elliot and Jared talk about:

  • The evolving role of media in a post-streaming world [03:16]
  • How socially conscious filmmakers are responding creatively to changes in the market [14:15]
  • Tools that The Nation of Artists uses to measure the impact of their documentaries [21:34]
  • Personal traits and company mottos that augment the mission to amplify voices and leverage storytelling for a cause [23:40]
  • What media means (commercially and philosophically) and what its limitations are [28:10]
  • Why purpose and empathy are powerful components of storytelling for a cause [34:55]
  • “Digital apnea” and the current evolutionary tipping point of media consumption [44:09]
  • The future of media and how AI will impact content creation and consumption [50:04]


The Nation of Artists

Vavani Productions

Special thank you to NEXUS Global for making this episode possible. 

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