Embodied Investing: Why Morning Rituals Matter

Embodied Investing: Why Morning Rituals Matter


An interesting commonality exists among those of us involved in embodied living and investing with impact and it occurs within the first couple of hours upon waking each day. It assumes various forms and sequences, but invariably it’s guarded as the most significant commitment on our calendars.

Yes. I’m referring to A Morning Routine.

Despite all the buzz about which routine is “best” or “most optimizing,” it seems that the community of people I’ve encountered are not overly concerned with activating their peak performance (although it’s a likely side effect) with their morning rituals.

Instead, there appears to be a trend among them towards quiet awareness. A preference for simple activities, drenched in silence. A reconnection of sorts.

At first glance, this seems no different from the mornings of our parents or most other coffee-drinking, slow-newspaper-reading folk in the morning. But the rituals often casually referenced on a phone call or on a lunch break among my impact investment colleagues are revealing a different caliber– a more intentional design.

From yoga and meditation, to silent walks in nature and stream of consciousness journaling, I’m witnessing more and more of my peers taking care of themselves on a new level. A deeper level.

I find it beautiful to see people who are busy with life, often working well beyond the typical nine to five, arranging their schedules to include this quiet time. And truthfully, the preservation of their morning routine is a reflection of it’s potency. It’s capacity to balance 16 hours of movement with 1 hour of stillness. To anchor oneself to the source of his or her purpose for movement at all.

In my own experience, when I make time to unravel the reigns of the thinking mind and embrace the unlabeled territory of my creativity and primordial awareness, I return to “exterior life” refreshed and focused. I return with clarity and inspiration, and perform my role with efficiency and a sense of connectedness.

Such is the power of a morning routine.

Perhaps even greater than what these calm moments offer the individual, are the boons they provide for the whole. I have yet to encounter anyone who engages regularly in any form of mind-calming practice who has not felt the warm familiarity between him or herself and the entire world of “others” outside.

Beyond words and labels, beyond thoughts and feelings, the boundaries between us fade quickly.

And these sentiments quickly infiltrate all aspects of our lives, including where we place our money. As the world of investing continues to find more of it’s adherents practicing regular integration of our inner and outer capacities, it’s reasonable to expect that more impact will occur with more capital.

As our sensitivity to this reality improves, and we design our lives around our interconnectedness as a guiding principle, can we imagine how impact investing would no longer be a unique way of managing funds, but instead a simple extension of our own inward realizations?

Could the unrequited generosity currently reserved for family and close friends expand into a larger notion of ‘family’ as our awareness and experience of increased relatedness evolve?

I believe it could. And each new morning, it appears we’re just a tad bit closer.

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