Euler Bropleh, Founder of VestedWorld, brings us a story uniquely rooted in his home country in Africa and the direct experience of hardship during his upbringing in Liberia during its first civil war. If not for an intuitive decision by his mother, Euler’s life could have taken a drastically different path.

Euler talks about immigrating to the US and his desires, along with the limitations, of serving his home country. He details his transition from politics to impact investing and shares his wisdom for those seeking to enter the impact space.


In this episode, Euler talks about:

  • The hardships he faced growing up in Liberia during a civil war & immigrating to the US [2:09]
  • His desire to do purposeful work in his home country & the limitations involved [6:47]
  • Understanding how countries and people develop over time [8:50]
  • Escaping a future as a child solider [12:00]
  • Shifting his focus from politics to economics & impact investing [22:30]
  • Integrating direct experience into impact investing [36:48]

Resource Links

  • VestedWorld a venture capital fund focused on investing in innovative companies poised for growth primarily in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria

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