Eva Yazhari

Eva Yazhari is the Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Capital Fund. Eva has 16 years of experience in investing for social impact. She was previously a Vice President at EnTrust Capital Inc., an asset management firm where she specialized in due diligence and portfolio construction. Eva is also an angel investor, the founder of The Conscious Investor, and co-host of The Beyond Capital Podcast.

In this episode, Eva sends us down the rabbit hole, exploring the inextricable entanglement of service, creativity, inspiration and expression with her work in impact investing. She taps into ever-present abundance and talks about what it feels like – somatically – to contribute beyond oneself. Eva encourages us all to explore our inner worlds, liberate our authentic selves, and tune into what really makes us feel alive.

“Inspiration is when you act from your true self. It’s choosing the ‘hell yes’ over the ‘hell no.’ It’s knowing yourself well enough to know what the right decisions are.” – Eva Yazhari

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