Geeta Aiyer

Geeta Aiyer shares over three decades of experience and insight in finance, enlivened by her passion for environmental and social justice. Geeta is the President & Founder of Boston Common Asset Management. She has dedicated her time and energy towards meaningfully improving policies and practices of portfolio companies through impactful Shareowner Engagement.

In this episode, Geeta fluidly migrates between the grammar and poetry of impact as she lends us a depth of knowledge around finance while sharing stories of past and present that continue to motivate her work in impact. She emphasizes shareholder engagement in order to change the foundations of corporations and the urgency behind transitioning to responsible investing practices. Geeta acknowledges many eternal topics, most notably power, affirming that our current economic system is only operating at a fraction of its capacity to regenerate individuals, the environment, and society at large.  

“I want investors to wake up, activate themselves as a muscles, because we are equally at fault for lobbying and preventing climate policies for coming into play. We need corporations and investors to be the verticals that will stand up and be those responsible pillars for moving things forward.”
– Geeta Aiyer


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