Impact Investing: Embodied Investing and Why Gratitude Matters

impact investing and gratitude

Impact Investing: Embodied Investing and Why Gratitude Matters

The other day I was standing in my kitchen enjoying a warm cup of chicken broth.

I found myself thinking of all the steps it took for this cup of chicken broth to land in my hands—thanking whomever placed the carton on the shelf at my local food cooperative I bought it from, the truck driver who delivered it there, and the commercial kitchen it may have been cooked in before that. Beyond that, I found myself thanking the chicken itself for its sacrifice and Earth’s pasture for providing nutrients for the chicken. I became significantly aware of all the players involved for me to enjoy this simple cup. I practiced gratitude.

When we bring awareness to the little things in our every day, we tend to be more fulfilled. The same thinking goes for our investments. As investors we are blessed to not only have our daily needs met—food, water, shelter, education, and leisure–but to be entrusted with stewarding life’s abundance as well. This abundance is something I feel grateful for in and of itself.

The Benefits of Impact Investing

As impact investors, what this abundance benefits has greater meaning and value to us. In paying attention to where our extra dollars are funneled, we bring awareness to the impact we have on people and places.

Be it drinking a cup of chicken broth or an investment in an innovative approach to creating communities, there are countless ripple-effects extending out from each and every choice we make. The $4.53 I spent on chicken broth has 100 different steps in its lifecycle, and only one of them was me getting to enjoy a cup of it. When we practice being more aware of the endless series of actions and energy involved in all we’re taking part in, we’re more inclined to be grateful for what we have.

Investments Go Deeper Than Monetary Profit

We know that the impact investments we choose go much deeper than monetary profit, to something greater than ourselves. As we consciously make time to tune into the gravity of our position, to be able to support purposeful ventures and causes, and practice conscious gratitude for our placement in this intricate web, we’re more inclined to understand the true impact of our investments and enjoy the peace that deep gratitude naturally unveils.

Community Impact Investing

We might invest in a building—one that is going to house a Waldorf or Montessori school, for example. The school will teach children, where they will learn and explore and be primed to go on to lead successful, impactful lives. The impact of our investments goes beyond us. The reach of our investments is possibly infinite.

Awareness of our Impact Investing

When we bring awareness to the whole picture and the true impact we’re making, whether it’s improvement within our community, environment, or beyond, a natural gratitude and grace surfaces within us. We are the lucky ones that have the intention of fostering great causes and communities.

Investing with Intention

When I began to invest with intention and understand the circles of impact my money was having, I became interested in something other than a growing portfolio. I became aware of an inward manifestation and understanding of gratitude in connection with the work I was lucky enough to be a part of.

Bringing a holistic and mindful approach to investing is the foundation OpenPath Investments is built on. 

I am beyond grateful for being entrusted to help provide a platform for others to express what they value through impact investing.

On the heels of giving thanks among our loved ones, I encourage you to practice gratitude as it lightens our hearts and uplifts our consciousness, drawing us closer to the mystery that stirs abundance.

While much occurs in life beyond our understanding… and life can feel maddening at times, if we continue to trust in gratitude’s outcomes, we can have faith we will find joy and ever-present support along the way…


Making Money More owner, Gino leads keynotes and conversations that inform and mobilize high net worth individuals, social impact investors and real estate investors to make money more.

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