James Sternlicht, CEO & Founder of The Peace Department, shares what it’s like to grow up with privilege and how he uses his circumstances to bring about positive change for others and the planet. James has a unique way of looking at the world as he integrates his interests with impact and seeks larger-scale, more permanent solutions as opposed to the fragmentation he sees in the market.


In this episode, James talks about: 

  • His fascination with the natural world [1:58]
  • Understanding his own privilege [6:35]
  • Changing behaviors as consumers and businesses [13:41]
  • How people tend to talk past one another, scatter resources, and nothing gets done [14:55]
  • Navigating family conversations about his own path [21:13] 
  • His plans to try and save the world [23:14]

Resource Links

The Peace Department new kind of non-profit, designed to solve global coordination failures to make philanthropy and impact investing effective and scalable

Oceanic Global an international NGO sheds light on humanity’s essential relationship to the ocean and empowers individuals, communities, and industries to create positive change

NEXUS Uniting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising global solutions of our generation

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