Jenna Nicholas, CEO of Impact Experience, has always had a strong connection with spirit and this connection has continued to be a through line in her life and in her work in race inequality. She talks about the importance of integrating individuals’ stories and the broader socio-cultural context with data to ground our understanding of historical and present injustices. Jenna hopes to bring more people and organizations face-to-face with the realities of social and race injustices and to have their own visceral experiences that could then inform our current narrative.


In this episode, Jenna talks about:

  • Spiritual identity as a through line in her life and her work [2:25]
  • Uncovering the untold stories in history [10:19]
  • The importance of grounding the work in history, context, and real data [12:20]
  • The interplay of bias and power [16:00]
  • A somatic practice for connection [31:30]
  • Impact Experience and what it’s all about [34:30]
  • Living close to Spirit [44:58]

Resource Links

  • Impact Experience builds bridges and deep relationships between impact investors, foundations, entrepreneurs, artists and local leaders to co-create solutions with marginalized communities.

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