Jennifer Kenning, CEO & co-founder of Align Impact, openly shares her experiences with loss and how these painful experiences have transformed her day-to-day work. With a recognition of the finitude of time, she delves into what is truly worthy of her time and energy. Jennifer reflects on her past addiction to “time” that is now guided by a connection with the inner voice guiding her to slow down and enjoy the journey. Jennifer applies this deep self-knowledge to impact investing, encouraging the collective to embrace inclusivity and remember that human relationships are at the center of impact.


In this episode, Jennifer talks about: 

  • Diving deeper into her own spirituality and preparing for her bat mitzvah at a later stage in life [2:17]
  • How she intentionally builds in self-care practices to her busy schedule [3:50]
  • The loss of a dear friend and how this experience called her deeper into her spiritual practices [9:10]
  • Her reflections as a result of knowing the finitude of time [15:12]
  • Deciphering what is worthy of her time and welcoming wisdom from those who have come before [17:30]
  • How she balances her work in impact with other non-goal-oriented activities [20:40]
  • The evolution of the impact space and encouraging a people-centered, inclusive ecosystem [33:06]

Resource Links

  • Align Impact a female-founded, owned, led and majority-staffed, asset management advisory, specializing in co-creating and implementing impact investing strategies with individuals, families, institutions, and advisors

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