Jennifer McFarlane, a strategic CFO at both public and venture-backed companies and a finance and climate justice expert with decades of experience shares her path towards a blended finance perspective that incorporates values. Jennifer talks about her journey through the climate crisis and her recognition that the West has not yet accepted responsibility for climate change in the Global South. She also gives examples of her work with SV2 Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund and NEXTracker, highlighting the critical importance of making economics work.


In this episode, Jennifer talks about:

  • Her position in the corporate world and the experiences that led her into the impact space [02:39]
  • Balancing her career and family life [09:59]
  • When she realized the real threat of climate change in her job in oil and gas in Australia [14:16]
  • Her analysis on climate from both a non profit and profit perspective [16:44]
  • Examples of what she is achieving in non profit SV2 and on the commercial side with Nextracker [21:31]
  • How she decides what projects to get involved in [25:31]
  • Ways of dealing with climate change, from mitigation to sequestration and adaptation [28:08]
  • How she works through despair and maintains pragmatism and hope in this field [31:51]

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