Jesse Fink is a venture philanthropist who has dedicated the past two decades to working on solutions to climate change and other environmental issues. He co-created and became founding Chief Operating Officer of Priceline. Upon leaving Priceline in 1999, Jesse and his wife, Betsy, who he met in forestry school and also worked at Priceline, became pioneers in the field of impact investing, providing funding and strategic advice to social entrepreneurs.


In this episode, Jesse shares his approach to catalyzing impact through the fusion of multiple forms of capital and through systems-wide analysis. He takes us on a ride through his endeavors with his wife, Betsy, from local, family farming to mapping food waste, on a quest to find global solutions to climate change. Jesse reveals the natural progression of his impact journey as a result of nurturing human capital. Jesse and his family continue to work from the ground up, supporting, mentoring, and learning from entrepreneurs, artists, farmers, researchers, and many others living intentional lives.

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