Jill Soffer, Co-Founder of Banking for Climate, offers up deep reflections on how her upbringing amidst a unique family structure, the loss of her mother in her teenage years and her experiences in nature have informed her path over the years, leading to the co-creation of Banking for Climate. She further outlines what needs to happen in these conversations around banking, fossil fuels, and climate so we can amplify the movement to critical mass. Jill shows up with a fierce femininity committed to caring for Earth and all its inhabitants.


In this episode, Jill talks about: 

  • Her family dynamics growing up
  • Finding herself by exploring her interests & making decisions for herself
  • Taking actions that feel authentic to her
  • How the experience of her mother’s passing influenced her sense of time
  • Her close relationship with Nature carried on from her childhood
  • The importance of using one’s voice as power
  • Banking for Climate and how the initiative works

Resource Links

  • Banking for Climate an initiative of high net-worth individuals and families asking our banks to stop financing fossil fuel expansion
  • NEXUS uniting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising global solutions of our generation

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