Karine Sarkissian is a founding partner at Tamar Capital, a single-family office based between the Middle East, the UK, and the US. She co-founded Le Studio as a part of Tamar capital to actively support portfolio companies and investors through design. In this episode, Karine talks about exploring her identity and finding her voice through art. She tells us about the endless possibilities that can arise when design and art are integrated with impact. She also shares how she and her brothers are transforming the family legacy through the family office and how she works to maintain balance in the everyday.


In this episode, Karine talks about:

  • Her background as an Armenian growing up in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon [2:30] 
  • Finding a safe canvas to explore her identity and voice through art [6:06]
  • Her notion of home and what it means to be “from” a place [14:17] 
  • Transforming the family legacy through diversification [20:34]
  • Being hands on as a family office [22:48]
  • Finding balance in the everyday [29:58] 

Resource Links

  • Tamar Capital Deploying human and financial capital to create value, empower societies, and communities
  • Le Studio Empowering exceptional entrepreneurs and investors to grow, scale, and generate sustainable impact through design thinking
  • NEXUS Uniting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising global solutions of our generation

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