Liesbet Peeters

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Liesbet Peeters is the Founder and Managing Partner of Volta Impact, a boutique impact investing intermediary focused on tailor-made financial instruments designed with impact and purpose. She has been active in the impact investment space for over 15 years and brings a strong network, as well as a deep understanding of how to apply financial solutions to development and social finance challenges. Liesbet has a long-standing track record of engaging with senior leadership across public sector, private sector and civil society across Sub Saharan Africa, bringing positive change to those who need it most.

In this episode, Liesbet shares her “why” for transcending mainstream finance to pursue something more meaningful, leading to her current work in Africa.  She articulates the deep value of diversity and how she applies impact investing principles to human capital, providing opportunities for her team to develop their wholesome self. Liesbet is deliberate about building close relationships – near and far – inviting trust and humility into her work.

“I not only feel passionate and useful, but I feel like I can bring my own personal wholesome self to everything I do.”– Liesbet Peeters

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