Lifestyle Lab

Lifestyle Lab

Leaving a legacy of wealth, wisdom, and well-being through personal practice and engaged community.


The Lifestyle Lab is an intimate space for high-net-worth individuals to accelerate their experiments in lifestyle optimization within a confidential community of their peers.

You’ll leverage the wisdom of the collective to shortcut to exactly what you’re seeking when it comes to physical health, mental acuity, nurturing relationships, and cultivating internal peace, connection, and meaning.


The Lifestyle Lab offers an exclusive, invitation-only sanctuary for HNW individuals dedicated to accelerating their journey toward lifestyle optimization. Within a confidential community of peers, you will harness collective wisdom to fast-track your path to achieving peak physical health, mental clarity, enriching relationships, and profound internal peace and fulfillment.

We subscribe to the philosophy that personal well-being is the cornerstone of positive impact—on ourselves, our communities, and the planet. Our focus extends beyond the accumulation of wealth; we’re committed to nurturing habits, values, and legacies that promote health, self-awareness, and sustainable living for generations to come.

The Lifestyle Lab serves as a crucible for exploring how we, as stewards of wealth, can cultivate practices that enrich our lives and echo positively through time.

The Lifestyle Lab is about practice.

We chose the name “Lab” intentionally. It signifies that we’re all here to take action, experiment and find what works for us as individuals. We’re all about iterating with curiosity, and sharing our observations with the cohort to multiply our learning and accelerate our results.

As a cohort, we explore the four Vital Lifestyle Pillars:

Nourish & Nurture

Optimizing our diets, eating habits, digestion, elimination, and energy and using innovative technologies to monitor and enhance the body’s natural processes.

Move & Master

Designing ways of exercising, standing, sitting, and moving through our physical environment that support well-being and longevity.

Restore & Replenish

Improving our sleep and what we do to relax and repair our physical bodies, our minds, and our social selves.

Connect & Attune

Building regenerative relationships with ourselves, our families, our communities, and the Natural world in order to cultivate presence and joy.

Our Members choose their individual lifestyle design optimizations, set their own goals, and share their discoveries and insights. In this way, the community benefits from multiple explorations while maximizing their own time and energy.

We’re also investigating eternal questions.

We are seekers, making sense and finding meaning. We’re asking, “What kind of legacy are we leaving beyond wealth? What values and insights do we want to pass on?” 

We’re fostering connected conversation and deep reflection. So each member becomes beautifully aware of the personal impact they’re creating and the stories they’re internalizing.


Our journey unfolds over four months, with bi-monthly gatherings in a cohort of no more than 6-10 participants. This intimate setting ensures meaningful interactions and mutual support.

You’ll embark on a personalized exploration within each well-being pillar—implementing chosen protocols that resonate with your goals and values. Guided by our intentional community practices, you’ll craft a Well-Being Portfolio. This personalized narrative not only charts your transformation but becomes a testament to your journey, offering insights and strategies to continually refine your approach to well-being.

Each month is dedicated to a specific theme, enabling a comprehensive exploration of well-being. Our sessions, the Design Call and the Integration Call, provide the framework for setting goals and integrating learned practices.

The Lifestyle Lab is for you if…


You’ve been experimenting with well-being practices for a while, and you want a wealth of knowledge that shortcuts you into exactly what you’re looking for


You find yourself asking, “What legacy am I leaving behind beyond wealth?”


You know you learn your best and grow the most when you’re engaged with a committed community 


You’re excited by the idea of reflecting on your journey and being guided to write parts of your story as a way of inviting new levels of self-awareness and transformation

If this is resonating for you, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.


What's the cost?

For our beta cohort, we seek your engagement and feedback, not financial investment.

Will there be expert presenters?

Our initial focus is on harnessing and valuing our collective experiences as the primary source of wisdom. Future sessions may include expert contributions aligned with our ethos.

How long are the meetings?

Scheduled for two hours to allow deep dives without feeling rushed, ensuring you leave each session grounded and ready to embrace your next activities.

Why a group?

The unique energy of a committed group amplifies personal growth, offering a rich tapestry of resources, reflections, and accelerated learning.

Experiments in Wisdom,
Well-Being, & Wealth

It’s second nature for us to take stock of our financial portfolios. What about our “well-being portfolios”? These experiments are an invitation to check in with ourselves so that the way we’re living on a daily basis is giving us a good return on our vital energy.

Experiments in Wisdom,
Well-Being, & Wealth

It’s second nature for us to take stock of our financial portfolios. What about our “well-being portfolios”? These experiments are an invitation to check in with ourselves so that the way we’re living on a daily basis is giving us a good return on our vital energy.

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