Lisa Renstrom is the Co-Founder of ValuesAdvisor an organization that connects investors with values-aligned financial expertise. Serving on the Board of Freshfarm, ecoAmerica, Confluence Philanthropy, and Divest Invest Individual, Lisa is a Toniic member and RSF Social Finance ambassador. She is most passionate about accelerating the transition to a sustainable and equitable economy.



    • Her acquisition of financial resources that gives her the responsibility and privilege of being an impact investor [2:29]
    • Successfully campaigning to move billions of dollars out of the fossil fuel industry [8:27]
    • Moving beyond the typical transactional experience of financial advising to manifest deeper relationships with ValuesAdvisor [12:17]
    • The power of money as an energy source for making good happen [19:01]
    • Exploring intentionality and “enoughness” [25:29]
    • Inviting everyone to sleep better at night by investing in things they are proud of [30:37]


  • ValuesAdvisor A curated collection of financial professionals suggested by peers in impact and philanthropic affinity groups who meet key values-aligned investing criteria
  • Invest for Better A nonprofit campaign on a mission to help women demystify impact investing, take control of their capital, and mobilize their money for good
  • Divest Invest A global network of individuals and organizations united in the belief that by using our collective influence as investors to divest from fossil fuels, and invest in climate solutions, we can accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy 

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