Luni Libes is a 25+ year serial entrepreneur, (co)founder of seven companies.His latest startups are Fledge, a global network of accelerators, where he helps new mission-driven for-profit entrepreneurs from around the world navigate the complexities between idea and customer revenues; Africa Eats, a spin-off holding company of Fledge graduates focused on food/ag in Africa; Realize Impact, a 501c3 public charity focused on making it easy for philanthropists to make impact investments; and, an online service connecting impact investors.

In this episode, Luni shares his experience in funding impact start-ups around the globe. He emphasizes experience over intuition, relying on his 25+ years in the start-up world, filtering out the best start-ups that serve to alleviate poverty, end hunger through food security, and mitigate climate change.

“We tend to avoid the grey area [of impact] because there’s so many opportunities to invest in companies that alleviate poverty or mitigate climate change. When we stick with the bigger issues, there is no grey area.” – Luni Libes


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