Marcus Whitney, Founding Partner of Jumpstart Health Investors, synthesizes his life experiences from raising his two children, practicing martial arts, being Black in America and establishing himself as an innovator in healthcare venture capital. Marcus shares the many transitions that have led him to more long-term thinking, recognizing that big visions take time.  He naturally weaves the principles of martial arts into his work and offers insight into how our society can rewrite the narratives around inequality, politics, and business.


In this episode, Marcus talks about: 

  • This transitional moment in his life towards longer-term thinking [3:40]
  • The experience of raising his sons and reflecting on the feeling of time [5:05]
  • His perspectives as a Black American [11:30]
  • His attraction to work with solutions-oriented people [18:56]
  • The intersection of technology and healthcare [28:04]
  • Crafting our societal narrative around technology [34:00]

Resource Links

  • Learn more about Marcus’s past and present endeavors in investing, writing & speaking
  • Create and Orchestrate Marcus’s latest book on demystifying what keeps people from pursuing entrepreneurship
  • NEXUS uniting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising global solutions of our generation

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