Matthew Weatherley-White, Co-Founder of Caprock Group, details his early disillusionment with traditional investment firms that operated solely for financial profit. It’s evident that Matthew’s path is well-guided by a deep self-awareness. Matthew ponders the existential liberation of always wanting more, deep-rooted emotional responses to money, and how capitalism just might save us all.


In this episode, Matthew talks about:

  • Realizing socially responsible investing mirrored his own impact intentions [6:03] 
  • Finding traditional investment firms viewed clients as revenue streams [9:42] 
  • Growing weary of expanding his firm by sacrificing all his time and focus [14:26]
  • Helping families find alternative metrics to measure financial success [19:15]
  • Optimism that socially responsible investing is the future of capitalism [29:49]
  • Assisting families to navigate values-aligned investing [37:26]
  • Achieving peak professional productivity during a personal sabbatical [46:33] 

Resource Links

  • Caprock is an SEC-registered investment firm providing objective financial advice to families and individuals
  • iPAR  maintains a database of impact-oriented investments to provide transparency and assist investors in creating values-aligned portfolios

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