Natasha Lamb is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Arjuna Capital. Alex Lamb is Co-Founder and Partner at New Summit Investments. Together, this couple works to bring forward sustainable investment opportunities that reshape what’s not working, sustain what is, and create what’s needed.

In this episode, they each share stories of their youth that inevitably established the roots of impact and how their present partnership, personally and professionally, fuels their ability to fearlessly confront power for positive change.



    • Shifting paths and transitioning to sustainability as together as a couple [3:04]
    • Their role models who have greatly influenced their journey [10:57]
    • Discerning doubt and criticism in impact investing [19:54]
    • Their respective upbringings that influenced their choices to make a life of impact [25:50]
    • Facing their own barriers and paving a new path to move beyond those limitations [31:00]
    • The drive to confront power for positive change [34:12]
    • Their complementary professional and personal relationship as a catalyst [38:16]


  • Arjuna Capital Asset management for high net-worth individuals, families and foundations to create a suite of sustainable investments that makes sense to and for the client
  • New Summit Investments Private market impact investment products
  • Threshold Foundation A multi-generational membership organization devoted to aligning our resources with our values while fostering a fertile training ground for the full and authentic expression of passions and purpose

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