Nick Green

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Nick Green is the co-founder and CEO of Thrive Market, an online market on a mission to make healthy living easy and accessible for every budget, lifestyle, and geography. He has a passion for combining technology and business to solve big social problems, beginning his entrepreneurial journey from his Harvard dorm room bringing access to affordable, high quality college test prep to over 20,000 students nationally.  Nick donated his entire 2020 salary as Thrive CEO to the Thrive COVID-19 Relief Fund.

In this episode, Nick describes himself as an accidental entrepreneur who fell off the constructed, artificial path laid out by his early years in formal education. The inequalities of access to education struck him at his core, igniting his entrepreneurial spirit.  Nick talks about embracing vulnerability, uncertainty, and rejection, using failure as a fuel for expanding his purpose to something much larger than himself.

  “Failing my way to success in my first business gave me the courage to take on a problem that is even more fundamental, from education to healthy living and food.” – Nick Green


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