Nicole Systrom, a climate-change advocate and founder of Sutro Energy Group – an authority on climate investing and innovation.

In this episode, Nicole details her advocacy efforts to tackle climate issues. Influenced by childhood visits to Yosemite National Park, she has become a messenger and advocate for Nature. She discusses how becoming a mother has caused her to reframe her thoughts on conservation, now viewing the climate crisis through the lens of human impact.



    • Identifying philanthropy’s role in environmental conservation [2:40]
    • Founding Sutro Energy Group to advocate for climate solutions [5:30]
    • Finding motivation in climate change’s threat to humans [8:31]
    • Optimism that coordinated climate efforts can yield solutions [14:24]
    • Strategies to funnel capital toward climate goals most effectively [23:07]
    • Remaining motivated while working to combat pervasive climate issues [33:06]


  • Sutro Energy Group consults with climate innovators and philanthropists to articulate and meet their environmental impact goals
  • Energy Action Fund advocates for climate-forward policy and clean energy solutions

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