Oliver Libby, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of H/L Ventures, takes us on a tour of his optimistically skeptical mind, stringing together his family’s history in medicine and science, tales of late antiquity and modern-day stories of human connection.  Not only does Oliver have a brilliant way of looking at the world, he is greatly skilled in applying the appropriate tools to bring real change to individuals and communities. Oliver brings openness, authenticity and, most of all, heart into his life and work.


In this episode, Oliver talks about: 

  • How his upbringing in a family of doctors and scientists has inspired his work [2:06]
  • Finance being just one of many tools to mobilize innovation [5:10]
  • When to lean forward and when to lean back as a leader in venture capital [9:54]
  • The combined psychology of confidence and obligation in helping others [15:04]
  • How history informs his decisions and work [19:16]
  • The opportunity cost of being a informed leader [28:56]
  • Resources for entrepreneurs beyond cash [32:00]
  • Defining himself beyond the confines of finance [39:05]

Resource Links

  • OliverLibby.com Articles, videos, podcasts and more, featuring Oliver and his work
  • H/L Ventures A hands-on venture capital firm with daily active engagement that invests in growth, impact, and diversity
  • The Resolution Project
  • NEXUS uniting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising global solutions of our generation

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