Paolo Fresia, Founder of 100% Sustainability, is an inspirational impact investor focused on mitigating climate change, promoting sustainable production and consumption, and reducing gender and LGBTQI+ inequalities. He is part of the 100% Network and board member of Toniic, and a founding donor to the Centre for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth in Zurich. Paolo is also involved in systems change philanthropy and activism through GiveOut and the Guerrilla Foundation.


In this episode, Paolo recounts the story of his inheritance and how his relationship with loss has led to an expansion of his impact imagination. He takes us through the somatic experiences that have illuminated his path in impact, from a panic attack during the financial crisis to the center of a cholera outbreak in Haiti to an eye-opening visit of a poultry processing factory in China. Paolo’s encounters around the globe have taught him to prioritize the areas that are most neglected when it comes to his investments and philanthropic endeavors.

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