Rachel Robasciotti, Founder & CEO of Adasina, takes us through her experiences as a Black woman in America.  She shares stories of tragedy and segregation in her youth as well as her personal successes in overcoming multiple-systems failure to graduate at 15 and go to college. She talks about the history of slavery, forced arbitration and police violence and illustrates how she skillfully integrates her attunement to truth to turn finance into a tool of cooperation in service of those who need it most.


In this episode, Rachel talks about:

  • The meaning behind Adasina [2:20]
  • Growing up in a heavily segregated community [7:26]
  • Multiple systems failures that affect people of color and indigenous peoples [15:00]
  • The need to deeply connect with the communities we seek to impact [22:00]
  • Direct experience of being African American & absorbing systems shock [31:26]
  • Extractive agriculture and its intersection with climate and racial injustice [36:14]
  • Building community outside and inside of Adasina [43:00]

Resource Links

  • Adasina a company dedicated to serving as a bridge between social justice movements and financial markets and the new home of our social justice investing strategy
  • Toniic a global community of asset owners seeking deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital

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