Cameron Williams and Zack Richner join us to share their insights on the reasons behind the disappearance of local newspapers in the United States and the consequences communities face. But it’s not all doom and gloom! This conversation is filled with innovative solutions. While Cameron and Zack both grew up in the newspaper business, they’re still bringing fresh perspectives to the industry. Cameron Williams is the Chief Revenue Officer at The Ogden Newspapers and the Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Nutting Company. Also joining us is Zack Richner, the Founder and Managing Partner of Arrandale Ventures. If you care about the quality of journalism, you’ll really enjoy this episode! Thanks for tuning in. 

In this episode, Cameron Williams and Zack Richner talk about:

  • Differentiating between national, local, and global media and understanding the reasons certain types are favored. [02:58]
  • Relativism in local media and reporting and aiming to make a difference on a federal level. [13:43]
  • The opportunity to reinvent the business model in local news. [18:59]
  • Navigating biases and allowing for various types of content, including user-generated stories.. [26:30]
  • Prioritizing wellness in a challenging and high-pressure work environment. [34:04]
  • What the real proven cost of the death of local news means for communities. [37:23]
  • Resourcing challenges for small media businesses and how listeners can support local journalism. [40:33]


Local Journalism Sustainability Act

State of Local News Project Northwestern

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