Reetu & Suraj Gupta, brother and sister duo, run the Easton’s Group of Hotels, Canada’s largest private hotel development firm and an early stage venture fund: Rogue Insight.  The two share stories of growing up Indian in Canada with their successful entrepreneurial parents. They talk about the family dynamics involved in reshaping the family business to be sustainable and successful through multiple generations and the role of integrating impact at all levels in their company.  Reetu & Suraj both share a wild, palpable spirit for entrepreneurship that comes through in this episode.


In this episode, Reetu & Suraj talk about: 

  • The seeds for their entrepreneurial passion & working for their parents [5:34]
  • Having open family conversations around multigenerational practices [13:56]
  • The creative aspects of being an entrepreneur [21:57]
  • Sharing their blessings through charity, philanthropy, and impact [25:30]
  • Using your voice to enact change for good [35:46]

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