Rehana Nathoo, Founder & CEO of Spectrum Impact, takes us all over the globe, from her whimsical move to New Orleans, her family’s roots in Africa & immigration to Canada and to Bolivia, where she experienced the true impact of grassroots efforts. Rehana sees circumstance as opportunity. She sees impact not as a moral framework but as an opportunity to redefine and align incentives with our system, reconciling how we can use capitalism as a force for good while also accounting for its exploitative past.


In this episode, Rehana talks about:

  • Her transition from New York to New Orleans [1:43]
  • Her revolutionary experience in Bolivia, seeing grassroots effort change peoples’ preference and presumptions [5:01]
  • Her family roots & how history can shape our paths [11:20]
  • Eliminating shame & the moral framework in impact [23:11]
  • Moments that confirm progress towards the goal [34:09]

Resource Links

  • Spectrum Impact a strategy consulting firm that supports a range of organizations looking to expand their impact investing footprint

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