Dr. Renee Lertzman is a pioneer and leader at the intersection of psychology, climate and environment.  Renee is a climate psychologist on a mission to infuse as much literacy about the complexity of the human psyche, particularly paired with our present-day challenges in climate. In this episode, you’ll hear how Renee places emphasis on cultivating alignment and accessing our internal resources as we navigate living in an ever-changing world amid ecological crises.


In this episode, Renee talks about:

  • How she came to clarity around connecting psychology and the natural world [4:10]
  • Experiencing oneself relationally through somatic practices that help us feel a part of the whole [13:38]
  • 5Rhythms as her personal practice [17:50]
  • How most of us feel challenged about being in alignment and dedicating her work in service of alignment [20:48]
  • Feeling frustration with personal expectations and ways to take a step back to feel regenerative [27:39]
  • The shared experience of eco-anxiety and our collective relationships with that anxiety [48:30]

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