Sam Adams, CEO and co-founder of Vert Asset Management, shares the entanglement of his love for the natural world and his joint desire for efficiency and justice. Sam talks about writing his first book, raising a family, and finding deep purpose in his work in sustainable investing.  He believes that bringing people closer to more palpable experiences of climate change will be the ultimate game changer in shifting capital towards solutions. What’s apparent in this conversation is that Sam is committed to sustainability at every level of his life, from his day-to-day micro-actions to his macro-work in impact investing.


In this episode, Sam talks about:

  • Writing his first book: ‘Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing’ [2:30]
  • Why he’s personally concerned about climate change [6:05]
  • Helping investors make the connection between their “why” and the “how” [9:40]
  • How raising kids puts climate change perspectives into clear focus [12:06] 
  • The power of story in connecting people to what’s possible [27:11]
  • Capitalism as one of the most powerful forces on the planet [32:00]
  • Discovering the true value of natural ecosystems [46:00]

    Resource Links

  • Vert Asset Management: Working closely with the investor community, academics, fund providers, and portfolio managers to scale ideas and create robust ESG solutions for the marketplace
  • Sam’s book “Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing”

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