Scott Saslow

Scott Saslow is Founder & CEO of ONE WORLD Training, providing organizations training and capital to profitably increase their social impact. Scott is a fellow Toniic member with impact investing interests in education and renewable energy. Prior to ONE WORLD, he was the Founder and CEO of The Institute of Executive Development (IED), a for-profit global company that drives innovation in executive and senior leader development. 

In this episode, Scott shares his vision for widening the impact ecosystem by weaving social impact education and development throughout organizations, small and large.  He confirms that impact investing is not black and white, but rather shades of grey that is fueled by the synergy of both financial gains and impact outcomes. Scott believes education, training, and strong relationships will be what tips the scale for a growing impact community. 

“There’s a recognition that if we really want to see change, we have to step up. We can’t wait any longer.”– Scott Saslow


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