Sheri Sobrato, a member of the Sobrato Family Foundation, and her husband, Eric Brisson, share how their early experiences in life have shaped their goals in impact. Sheri details her life as a young adult, regularly in and out of hospitals, as she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in her early 20s. Eric talks about his upbringing in the outdoors and how his reverence for the natural world propels him to take action. The two discuss how they integrate emotional intelligence into their relationship, their parenting, and their investments.


In this episode, Sheri & Eric talk about: 

  • Sheri’s experiences of young adulthood coping with a brain tumor [2:46]
  • Building emotional intelligence to help young people to feel, express, and find a passion [12:05] 
  • Sheri & Eric’s different approaches to emotional intelligence within their own family [15:00]
  • The need for tools and guidance along the path of self-discovery [19:30]
  • Directly connecting with nature in order to better one’s behavior towards the planet [23:00]
  • Teaching children emotional intelligence through constant exposure to different experiences [27:44]
  • Framing decisions based on adaptability and flexibility, knowing that it’s okay for things to change [32:50]
  • Taking action without being paralyzed by fear or doubt [33:00]

Resource Links

  • The Sobrato Organization a family dedicated to creating and sustaining a strong and vibrant Silicon Valley community and to inspiring current and future generations to steward family resources in service of others
  • Shadow’s Edge the first free self-help mobile game designed for teens and young adults to tap into their healing power of self-expression
  • SV2 a community of more than 200 individuals and families who have come together to learn about effective giving and pool our resources to support innovative social ventures

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