Stef van Dongen is an innovator, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Pioneers of Our Time. While working with high-powered leaders and change-makers, he realized that they were making important decisions for the future of the world from a place of being disconnected from themselves, nature, and the consequences of their choices. In this episode, you’ll hear how Stef discovered an attunement with nature that set him off on a journey to help change makers reconnect with themselves and nature while working to restore and regenerate the forest ecosystem and rural economy of the Muga Valley.


In this episode, Stef talks about:

  • His childhood dream of becoming a forest guard and how this led him to the Pyrenees. [02:11]
  • Helping change makers reconnect with themselves and with nature. [03:22]
  • How feeling connected to nature impacts your decisions. [06:09]
  • Aligning his life energy with other beings and nature to write a beautiful life song. [08:17]
  • The creation of ‘The Home.’ [14:16]
  • Restoring and regenerating the forest ecosystem and rural economy. [18:15]
  • Experiences and mentors that inspired his journey. [30:09]

Resource Links

  • Pioneers of Our Time – A network of change makers that devotes their life-energy, wealth and talents as a force for good
  • Toniic – A global action community for impact

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