Poetry of Impact was born as an opportunity to continue attuning to life’s rhythms while honoring my own circumstance, a way to allow the eternal to come into contact with circumstance—in this case, money. This unraveling perspective provides a space for impact-inspired investors, founders, artists, and authors walking the edge of aliveness with me to explore topics that can often seem alien in the world of money…but eternal topics such as nature, essence, and loss, that can heal the syndrome of disequilibrium. Even more, it is an invitation for you to radically personalize your journey in deep impact, which is the ultimate defense against society’s tendency toward inhumanity today.


 “This is what it is all about. Doing things for the right reason. Finding balance, harmony, floating in a zone. Thanks for writing the book. Your book certainly was [helpful] to me.”
-Jesse Fink, Co-Founder of MissionPoint Partners

“So many of our current offerings on impact and capital focus on strategy, tactics or metrics. It is so nice to receive a set of reflections based upon a deeper perspective on the meaning and value of our efforts to improve our communities, societies and, ultimately, our very selves!”
-Jed Emerson, Author of The Purpose of Capital

“What struck me in the Poetry of Impact was the phrase “radically personal”…this is so so true! … If impact investing was not this way, it would not allow us to sustain the intense energy we need to transform capitalism.”
-Erika Karp, Founder & CEO of Cornerstone Capital Group