Tillie Walton is an award-winning conservationist, hydrologist, river guide, and speaker. As the host of Wild Rivers with Tillie on PBS, she uses her knowledge and passion to help people connect more deeply to self, others, and nature. Join us today as Tillie tells us about the immersive nature experience in high school that ignited her deep and abiding love for rivers and what she learned from coming into contact with the margins of life through her immersion in backcountry living. She shares how these experiences inspired her to study waterways from both a scientific and an experiential perspective before giving her insights on the unique annual river trips she hosts for influential leaders. Tune in to learn about the profound shifts that occur when folks embrace the discomfort of the backcountry and give themselves over to river time. 


In this episode, Tillie Walton talks about:

  • The journey that led her to the backcountry [03:13]
  • Our profound connection to water and what it means to be fluid beings on earth [11:36]
  • What inspired her to bring river experiences to others [20:03]
  • Details about her annual group trip and the beautiful things that have come out of it [23:31]
  • What she takes into account when putting a group together [26:41]
  • Important facts about the Colorado River and the connection that Native American communities have to it [31:08]
  • Learning to embrace harsh backcountry conditions and its impact on participants [33:02]
  • A parting message of appreciation for the sublime nature of water and a reminder to consciously look out for moments of awe and wonder [36:34]


Learn more about Tillie’s annual river trip for influential leaders. 

Tune in to Wild Rivers with Tillie

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