Tim Ring is Co-Founder & Chairman of TeamFund, an organization bringing necessary medical technologies to low-resource geographies such as India and sub-Saharan Africa.

In this episode, Tim talks about his transition from CEO of a large medical technology company to co-founding TeamFund, catalyzed by an inquiry from his wife who asked “How do you feel that more than half of the world does not have access to the medical technology you make?”



    • His motives for being in the healthcare industry [2:22]
    • Internal dissonance of what feels right as a human being versus what’s expected as a company CEO [5:15]
    • Taking a listening tour with his wife to find the gaps of healthcare access in low-resource communities [7:19]
    • How TeamFund works as a for-profit organization that invests in commercialized med-tech [12:14]
    • The need for med-tech in developing communities where doctors and nurses are not plentiful [15:10]
    • Opening the aperture to see existing gaps in access [23:25]
    • TeamFund’s mentorship program to match experts with companies facing strategic challenges [30:29] 
    • Disarming cultural resistance though training [33:10]
    • How he is finding fulfillment in his role at TeamFund without profiting financially [38:49]


  • TeamFund expanding access to affordable, appropriate and sustainable medical technologies that address unmet health needs in the world’s most resource constrained populations

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