Tim Ring

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Tim Ring is Co-Founder & Chairman of TeamFund, an organization bringing necessary medical technologies to low-resource geographies such as India and sub-Saharan Africa. A fellow Toniic member, Tim was previously CEO of C.R. Bard – a leader in developing medical technology and served on the Board of Directors for Quest Diagnostics.

In this episode, Tim talks about his transition from CEO of a large medical technology company to co-founding TeamFund, catalyzed by an inquiry from his wife who asked “How do you feel that more than half of the world does not have access to the medical technology you make?” He tells us of the dissonance he felt as a human being and what’s expected as a company CEO which further motivated him to utilize his many years of expertise in business to chip away at the barriers to healthcare technology access in low-resource communities. Underlying all this, Tim’s story illustrates how our life partner can help us reveal a much greater purpose beyond ourselves. 


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