Tripp Baird

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Tripp Baird
is the co-founder and managing partner of The Builders Fund.  He is a member of Toniic and serves on the board of Urban Remedy, The Bar Method, MPOWERD, MIXT, and Traditional Medicinals.  Tripp’s impact focus is on healthy, active, and sustainable living.

In this episode, Tripp eloquently shares how his occupation in business is deeply intertwined with his journey through Right Livelihood. He recognized early on that he couldn’t build a career around something he wasn’t passionate about, pivoting away from big bureaucracy towards purpose-driven business. Tripp details the competitive advantages of a purpose-driven business model that holds transparency, respect, and open communication at its core while creating value for all stakeholders.

“If you build a great business, brand, and culture focused on value creation for multiple stakeholders – one that customers want to buy from and one that employees want to work for – the economic side takes care of itself.” –Tripp Baird

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