Winston Ibrahim, Founder and CEO of Hydros, shares his perspectives on how innovations in health and wellness have the power to positively impact human potential. Winston talks about his relationship with water and single-use plastics and opens up about his deep desire to pursue his own passions amidst familial pressure. He emphasizes the importance of simplicity when it comes to health and wellness and reminds us that ‘biohacking’ is really nothing new. Winston leaves us with the wisdom of how to be our best selves in today’s sometimes overstimulating world.


In this episode, Winston talks about: 

  • The series of events that led him to founding Hydros [2:08]
  • Making ice baths a part of his wellness routine [3:50]
  • The origins and the ‘why’ of biohacking [8:37]
  • Diverging from traditional finance and forging his own path [14:41]
  • His focus to scale health and wellness innovations as an activist investor [17:10]
  • “The Lazy Environmentalist” [26:45]
  • The role of trust and intuition in work relationships [35:53]
  • Bringing your most authentic self to life [40:53]

Resource Links

  • Hydros an innovative water filtration startup seeking to eradicate single-use plastics
  • Morozko Forge Ice Baths a life-changing improvement in your personal health
  • NEXUS uniting next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs to bring about the most promising global solutions of our generation

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